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    “Imitation is the first instinct of the awakening mind.” ...Dr Maria Montessori
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Here are what some of our parents are saying about us...

We were lucky to transition our daughter into her first year of school at Northridge Montessori in 2014. Not only is the location ideal in terms of being secluded and with ample grounds for the children to play, but Mrs. Hyder provides a balanced learning and nurturing environment. The school was much like a small and close-knit family where each child receives ample attention and every child is valued. My daughter surprised us often with all the things she was learning. She looked forward to attending every day and what more could a parent want?


We remain happy with the attention and compassion everyone at Northridge demonstrated with all of the children as it will always be with my daughter in her journey of life. At Northridge she was offered an excellent head start in preparing for the greater demands of grade school.


----- Kristy (and Jewel)

My wife and I would like to highly recommend Northbridge Montessori School for any early stage or pre-school child. Both our sons attended Northridge for over 2 years and we both must admit has been a very pleasant experience. My Hyder and the rest of the Northbridge team truly has the passion, care and knowledge in supporting the growth of all the children under their supervision. Over the time spent both our children grew both mentally and physically and really interacted well with other students in the class.


We wanted to thank you deeply for setting a strong foundation for our two boys prior to attending elementary school.


Thank you.


----- Frank and Aneta

As two parents who work full time, we were incredibly blessed to have our two sons Vincent and Daniel attending the Northridge Montessori school. When we were searching for a daycare, we were looking for a place with a nurturing environment to foster a love of school and independence. The staff at the daycare exceeded our expectations. Both our sons had easy transition to first grade, and love learning. Our family have such great memories full of fun, love and laughter.


----- Genov Family

We sent both our children to Northridge Montessori for a combined period of over 5 years. Our children were very well taken care of in a positive, healthy and happy environment. All the staff were well trained and eager to teach the children. Our kids still talk about it and have a lot of fond memories of the place.


----- Priya and Para Radhakrisnan

Northridge Montessori School provided a 360 degree foundation for our two girls when it comes to life, learning, and social development. Our kids were always excited to share their projects and learnings, it was amazing to see their realm of knowledge even at a young age, ahead of their peers when they reached grade one! In addition as parents we always had a sense of comfort knowing they are being cared for in a nurturing environment and receiving freshly prepared meals and snacks every single day. Our minds were always at ease with the team at Northridge Montessori School, and our girls truly felt the educators there were an extension of their family.


----- Mr. and Mrs. Vyas

Northridge Montessori School was the best decision my husband and I could have made for our daughter’s early educational needs. The school provided the ideal environment to nurture and support her imagination, curiosity and desire to learn. It gave us confidence and peace of mind knowing she was well taken care of in every area. The quality of the staff and programs contributed to her successful transition into elementary school. Sierra flourished during her time at Northridge Montessori, evident in her daily excitement and exuberance for what the day had in store and for that, we are truly grateful.


----- Roy and Terri Oswald









What Others Say About Us

The teachers and administration at Northridge Montessori School are professional and dedicated and there is always a fast response to parental issues.

A Little About Us

Northridge Montessori offers an exceptional educational program that combines a wide range of social activities with a broad academic curriculum. Our program is based upon the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. Located in Mississauga, Ontario, we are a caring Montessori preschool committed to the personalized development of the entire child.

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm

Northridge Montessori School
2185 Stavebank Road
Mississauga, Ontario L5C 1T3
Call us now at: 905-281-0840

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Click here to Contact Us Now!